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State & Manor Bloomington, CA

State & Manor's founders Molly Shaheen and Rachel Zimmerman perfect pieces that embrace feminity. Using a chic palette of neutral tones, heathered fabrics, and splashes of color, their line is for the lounging and traveling woman alike. Reversible tees, tanks, jackets, dresses, and loungewear, all sourced from eco-conscious fabrics that hug the skin. Keeping in like with their local manufacturing responsiblity, a portion of proceeds go directly to the animal rescue organization, Banfield Charitable Trust.

January, 2012 established
Mar 02, 2017 Member since

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Molly Shaheen and Rachel Zimmerman founder

founder bio

Molly Shaheen and Rachel Zimmerman first met while studying communications at the University of San Diego. After college, New Hampshire native Molly hit the campaign trail on behalf of her mother, Jeanne Shaheen, the first woman in history to become a U.S. Governor and Senator. She later worked for top talent agencies in Los Angeles before co-founding the line in 2012. Meanwhile, Rachel, who was born in Oregon and attended high school in Australia, began working with a model and talent agency in La Jolla, where she successfully styled and booked top models. She then launched an image consulting firm where her clients included models, celebrities and executives. With a shared passion for entrepreneurship and fashion, the duo realized that there was a niche in the marketplace for a collection of lifestylewear like State & Manor.

Founder Quote

"State & Manor is about quintessential pieces that embrace femininity,” says Shaheen. “They’re chic, versatile, timeless collection that go from the boudoir to a weekend getaway.” “You either see flannel two-sets or clingy synthetic fabrics or over-the-top lingerie,” explains Rachel. “We wanted to create a line that was luxe, but cozy at the same time.”

Molly Shaheen and Rachel Zimmerman


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