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Ozapato Portland, OR

The Ozapato brand was born from Mexican and French influences to produce everlasting and personable footwear. Refined over 30 years of industrial development, Ozapato's eco-friendly production process is entirely transparent.

January, 2013 established
Jan 24, 2017 Member since

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Nancy Ramirez and Fabien Georjon founder

founder bio

Our founders, Nancy and Fabien met in 2008 while working/studying in China. Soon after, Fabien traveled to Mexico and became acquainted with Nancy’s family and their business, manufacturing steel-toed and construction shoes. Everyone in the shop and family adopted Fabien and he fell in love with the process of making shoes and the social impact that this business has for these families. After a few years living in Mexico City, Fabien and Nancy moved to Panama City. While working there, they began to identify a gap in the market and ventured to bring in their family’s industrial shoe business. With many years of traveling and learning the outsourced supply chain models used by larger shoe companies, Nancy and Fabien realized they could make a social impact to create jobs locally, by producing high quality boots with the help of local employees in Mexico and Panama. Thus, OZAPATO was born virtually, to cut out the middlemen and ensure cost savings is passed on to the customer, while supporting local producers.

Founder Quote

"For over 30 years, OZAPATO has learned to design and produce high quality work boots. We have always had a special relationship with quality, because the quality of our boots is directly related to the safety of our customers at work."


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