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MNKR Los Angeles, CA

MNKR features the work of independent illustrator, Matt Fellows. His black and white sketches and script are recognized on pins, patches, stickers and apparel under his wildly successful moniker.

January, 2003 established
Jan 24, 2017 Member since
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Behind the Design

Matt Fellows founder

founder bio

MNKR began in 2003 because I wanted to start a new brand that would be able to grow with me as I evolved as a person. I had started a couple other brands before this, but they really limited me creatively, and I didn’t see room for growth. MNKR would in effect be me, or at least mirror my life, hence the generic name MNKR (moniker), meaning a name or nickname.

Founder Quote

"MNKR in effect is me ... on a t-shirt."

Matt Fellows


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