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Kenny Flowers Niwot, CO

Kenny Flowers spikes the classic Hawaiian button down with jubilance, hanging ready to roll with the good times ahead. For Kenny, his father's hand-me-down vacation shirt was more than an article of clothing - it was a constant reminder to live life with half the buttons down. From the cabana to the cabin, the beach to the boat, this new interpretation of an old style keeps life vivacious and fresh.

Jan 24, 2017 Member since
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Behind the Design

Kenny Flowers founder

founder bio

When I went off to college, my dad gave me an old hand-me-down Hawaiian and it became my go-to shirt for good times. That floral, faded pink beauty went everywhere with me and I loved how I felt wearing it. There were a lot of good times, though, and sure enough people started to call me out for wearing the same shirt all the time. One night, on a Boston Harbor sunset booze cruise with some friends, a buddy goes, “You always wear the same Hawaiian shirt, why not get some new ones?” I told him how I’d have a party shirt for every occasion if I could, but that it was hard to find shirts that look great and are fun to wear. A couple beers later, everything clicked. I’d quit my corporate job in NYC, move to Bali, where my grandma was already living, and set out to make the freshest, best-quality tropical shirts that everyone could have a great time in. Then, bada bing, bada boom, I was on a flight to Bali to remix the classic Hawaiian shirt and Kenny Flowers began to blossom.

Founder Quote

"Life is a serious business, but the most serious thing to remember is to have the best time you can, even when times aren't so great. Work hard, stay inspired, pursue your dreams, but just remember; it's not that tough to enjoy yourself along the way, no matter what you are doing. Be the smile you want and the party you're looking for. That is what Kenny Flowers is about. A better fit. A fresher design. And a simple reminder to keep a smile on and have a good time, one button down at a time."

Kenny Flowers


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