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Jaqet Long Beach, Ca

JAQET was established with a commitment to offering the sophisticated men of the world a slim, tailored, 100% handmade wallet that will stand the test of time. All JAQET products are 100% handmade in California. The dyeing, the cutting, the stitching, and finally the branding of the JAQET logo in the leather are all done in house. Every product will have its own unique qualities, making no two JAQET pieces are exactly alike.

January, 2012 established
Jul 26, 2017 Member since
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Behind the Design

Jaques Flynn founder

founder bio

JAQET (pronounced "jacket"), which launched last year, is the brainchild of LA-based Jacques Flynn, senior designer at Mazda, who applies his minimalist design philosophy for cars to create sleek, shiny wallets that hold just the essentials. Using full grain, vegetable tanned leather, the wallets are cut, hand-dyed and hand-stiched in Flynn's apartment and garages.

Founder Quote

"About three years ago, my wallet was on the fritz and I was like, 'I need a new wallet. Let's go out and get a new wallet.' And I knew what I wanted—which is basically what I'm designing with JAQET; a minimal, simple, really nice quality, a card holder. You'd find a couple from like Gucci and those guys, but they're a little over-the-top. Some of them are made in Italy, but there's a lot that are still made in China and I wasn't really psyched on that."

Jaques Flynn


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