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Jack of All Trades Montreal, CN

Supplying brilliant pop culture, rock and roll, and comic book tees made of quality fabrics and art application techniques. Wear your passion with Jack of all Trades.

January, 2010 established
Mar 03, 2017 Member since
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Behind the Design

Allan Goldberg founder

founder bio

I have been working with screen printers for 30 years doing my designs license and non license and have educated myself to the techniques of printing and in turn have worked with my screen printers to ensure the end result is what I want. I am like an artist that has chosen to use a T-shirt as a canvas. The T-shirt has to be the right quality in order for the design to have the right feel and result I am looking for. The art files have to be created properly, the files have to be separated correctly, the screens needs to be exposed exactly right and then the ink has to be right, the contact of the blades have to be right….and when it is all right you have a beautiful artwork on a t-shirt that has the right look and feel to exceed people’s expectations. This is also providing the art you created is going to be appreciated by all and it is something we pride ourselves on doing better than others in the graphic industry as we live it and breath it day in and day out and are very passionate about it!

Founder Quote

"The work never ends, it is not & never will be work but the passion of doing great things."

Allan Goldberg


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