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Enclave Los Angeles, CA

The Enclave brand believes in customer transparency, and so, aptly provides high-end watches and sunglasses without any brand inflation. The timeless design paired with the quality materials rival the most notable in the industry.

June, 2012 established
Jan 19, 2017 Member since

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Behind the Design

Daniel Kane founder

founder bio

I'm here to launch the twenty&twenty model of enclave eyewear. As a college student in Santa Barbara, CA, I struggled to find the right pair of sunglasses. I didn’t want the cheap acrylic and PC sunglasses you see everywhere that crack, warp, and form stress marks at the first signs of wear and don't really protect your eyes. I also disliked that a few large powerhouses are running a sunglass monopoly and overcharging for glasses that really aren't made that well. For example, Ray Ban, Oakley, and SunglassHut are actually owned by the same parent company, Luxottica, that controls the design, manufacturing, pricing and distribution of their branded sunglasses. This results in prices disproportionate to quality. With Enclave's twenty&twenty model, I wanted to get away from these two extremes and offer a high quality product without the brand inflation. I wanted glasses I would want to bring to a party or wear at the beach but not have to worry about dropping or scratching them. Glasses that actually protect my eyes and look good at the same time. My glasses feature polarized, UV400 protected lenses and a memory frame that's unbelievably durable. My goal is to offer an honest product that doesn't sacrifice quality.

Founder Quote

"We want our customers to always ask questions and never settle. In return, we promise to do the same as we learn and grow Enclave into a brand that truly offers the highest quality products at a price point largely absent in sunglasses. We hope you’ll share our passion!"


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