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BNVVT Seattle

BNVVT brand crafts handmade leather and canvas of meticulous method made to withstand world voyage. Always defined and refined, experience the good life and become a "bon vivant!"

January, 2013 established
Jan 24, 2017 Member since

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Stuart Musgrave founder

founder bio

I have always been interested in things of quality. With leather and leather work, quality can be both observed from the inputs, during the making of the product and then reaffirmed over years of ongoing use. I also like the idea that a product’s true character can be developed and displayed over time as the materials wear and age similar to a persons. I had experimented with a few different projects in my earlier years to varying degrees of success. I was really excited to work with a team of craftsmen who share these views and I really connect with the tradition and passion that goes into something like a bag or a pair of shoes. Creating something beautiful only using the simplest of tools and a lifetime of knowledge is very noble to me.

Founder Quote

"TRAVEL! I make bags so people can get out there and see the world, hopefully in a way they find enriching. I would like to think that my bags look just as at home in the hustle and bustle of the city or as off the beaten track as you can get."

Stuart Musgrave


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