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Anchor & Crew Derby, UK

Anchor & Crew combines naval heritage with modern menswear to supply stylish rope and silver bracelets — inspired by the nautical and industrial design seeped into the city's banks on the River Derwent.

January, 2014 established
Jan 19, 2017 Member since
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Behind the Design

Andrew Warner founder

founder bio

Designed and handmade in Great Britain, we combine naval heritage with a modern style and new vision. Our designers take inspiration from anchors, mechanical and nautical objects, recreating innovative and industrial designs of the past into modern-day jewellery. We specialise in stylish rope bracelets, fashionable anchor bracelets and nautical silver jewellery, redefining a vintage style, all of which is totally unisex. When we started we targeted male customers but we have now evolved into a completely unisex brand that has customers ranging from 15-years-old to 60-years-old who love our different way of thinking.

Founder Quote

"With a great amount of energy placed into the completion of any design, from sketching and molding to processing, finishing and assembly, our craftsmen themselves epitomize ANCHOR & CREW."

Andrew Warner


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