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Akomplice Clothing Santa Barbara, CA

The Akomplice movement boasts the likes of legendary artists and iconic brands. The entourage of innovators create clothing for the soul and love in every moment.

January, 2004 established
Jan 19, 2017 Member since
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Behind the Design

Michael and Patrick Liberty founder

founder bio

Akomplice originated in the mountains of Colorado by brothers Mike and Patrick. Initially, Mike and Patrick were into making music when they saw the potential impact that could be made by creating a clothing line. They saw a lane, had a vision and stuck with it. Akomplice has evolved from an all t-shirt/sweatshirt line into a full collection including pants, socks, hats, cut-and-sew pieces, accessories and much more.

Founder Quote

"My brother and I meditate every day. Whatever we do in our life, this output to the world, it’s a progression of our spirits and soul. Not just the brand but everything in life and every opportunity to grow."

Patrick Liberty


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