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Activ Apparel Phoenix, AZ

Activ Apparel out of Phoenix promotes more than just physical wellness - having an active and open mind is the most advantageous form of exercise. Dig deep in Activ Apparel's collection of athletic wear.

January, 2016 established
Jan 19, 2017 Member since

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Luis Camacho founder

founder bio

I have always wanted to have a clothing company. I never really knew exactly what I wanted to do or how to go about it. One day I woke up with the name in my head. As soon as I was up I knew I had to come up with a logo. I began by downloading an application on my phone that allowed me to create simple logos. Once I came up with something that stood out to me I created an email for the company, as well as multiple social media accounts where I would post and engage with people. Initially inspired by the fitness community and wanted to be a mix between streetwear and the fitness industry. I had $620 dollars saved up, and put it all up for the first batch of shirts. My interest grew larger amongst the streetwear and fashion industry. This is when the company underwent a logo change to what you see today.

Founder Quote

"People would want to wear ACTIV APPAREL because it is a mindset and something that is actively lived. Whether the individual lives an active lifestyle or simply likes to live a good life. ACTIV APPAREL is for the individual that is actively wanting to better themselves, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually."

Luis Camacho


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