Quality independent brands are hard to find...so we fixed that

We knew there had to be a way to discover the next big thing in fashion. That’s why we created Flagship: a community of early adopters who buy direct from independent apparel brands

Flagship represents one thing – people – real and true-to-life human beings who happen to make the best clothing in the world. The problem is you’ve never heard of them. We live in a world where without a multi-million dollar marketing budget, brands cannot compete.

Scott Latham was born picking fights with the biggest, baddest bullies on the block. Mainstream, corporate-controlled, big box fashion conglomerates. He wanted to knock down everything they value: product, process and profit. From his passion for the small and underrepresented, he created Flagship – a place for independent designers to connect with early adopters wanting to support craft apparel.

Steered by our core belief that small batch, limited run, quality products are far superior, Flagship shifts influence away from mainstream monopolies and into the local economies spawning independent apparel brands. We find the next big thing in fashion and deliver it our community a month, all while giving the designer a voice to tell their story and consumers a choice.

At Flagship, we level the playing field and give representation to independent brands. Together, we surpass the power of major labels by reinventing relationships with customers and embracing the alternative.

When you find a brand on Flagship, you find it for the first time.

Always be first.

Our Values

Growth hack everything

Do things tell people

Lead, never manage

The Team

Flagship TeamFlagship Team

Scott Latham

Founder & CEO
Flagship TeamFlagship Team

Jim Hausman

CFO & Partner
Flagship TeamFlagship Team

Eric Bambach

Marketing Manager
Flagship TeamFlagship Team

Alexis Canary

Operations Manager
Flagship TeamFlagship Team

Connor Howell

Head of Growth
Flagship TeamFlagship Team

Meagan Burroughs

Director of Brand Relations
2628 Martha St.
Philadelphia, Pa, 19125